Photographer captures stunning images of UFOs above Hatfield

AFTER our story about the Welwyn Garden City man who couldn’t stop seeing UFOs, a Hatfield resident has sent us a series of snaps which show unexplained lights in the sky.

Photographer Jason Reeve took the dazzling pictures from outside his north-west-facing bedroom window, in Chantry Court, with a 20-minute exposure.

The images showed mysterious mushroom-shaped craft set against the starry night sky.

Fascinated Mr Reeve is desperate for people to try and explain what it was he photographed.

He said: “I was lying on [my] bed and I glanced out of my window, I saw an odd light in the sky.

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“I am a photographer and I often photograph the night sky and I knew it looked different to anything I had seen before.

“I decided to set up my camera and photograph the object.

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“I set up my Canon 60D and took a series of photos.

“The object appeared to be cone shaped very high up and not moving in any direction.”

He added: “After 20 minutes I looked at what I had captured and realised there were in fact four separate lights in the sky, but not visible to the naked eye.

“And they where also apparently static and not moving.

“The image shows a possible small trail behind the object, suggesting that the object had been moving, but in a completely different direction to everything else in the night sky.”

In the October 26 issue of the Welwyn Hatfield Times, we revealed how Knightsfield, Welwyn Garden City, resident Stephen Clementson, 55, was haunted by UFO sightings and other paranormal activity.

He has shot more than 80 videos of UFOs, mainly from his back garden, and uploaded them to video website YouTube.

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