Scout set to raft across Stanborough Lake to fund ‘once in a lifetime’ Jamboree trip

Penelope Dunn Scout Jamboree

Penelope Dunn hopes to be heading to South Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree next year. - Credit: Simon Dunn

A Scout from Welwyn Garden City is set to raft across Stanborough Lake to raise money for a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea.

On July 16, Penelope Dunn is building the raft by herself, using nothing but the materials at the lake and sailing across it, all while dressed as a duck, in an effort to raise £3,300 to get her to the Jamboree next August.

“I’ve built rafts before so I’m pretty confident I’ll make it across the lake,” she said.

“They’ve got plenty of rope, logs and big barrels I can use there so that should make things easier. I need to think about the design because it needs to support me and the person paddling.

“The reason I’m doing it dressed as a duck is because my Scout unit is 22, so two little ducks in bingo.”

Penelope Dunn Jamboree

Penelope will be rafting across the lake on July 16. - Credit: Simon Dunn

Explaining more about the Jamboree, the 14-year-old continued: “The Jamboree is a three-week event where Scouts from across the world come together.

“There are lots of activities to take part in and we get to learn about the culture of all the other countries.

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“It’s kind of like a cultural exchange in a way and it only happens every four years, so you only ever really have one chance to go.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, so it’s a real honour and the pinnacle of Scouting to be invited.”

Penelope has made a quick rise through the Scouting ranks, and her father, Simon Dunn, couldn’t hide his pride at his daughter’s achievements.

“She’s been with the Scouts for three years, and she won Scout of the Year award last year so she is a senior patrol leader,” he said.

“Even though she’s quite young she has good leadership skills and a lot of ambition. It’s a really honour for her to be selected and I’m very proud of her, we just need to raise the money now.”

Penelope will also be supporting the Willow Foundation by donating another £3,300 to the charity, adding: “Willow is a local charity and they provide memorable and special moments for people who need them, so it feels like a really worthwhile cause to support.”

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