A last ride biker escort will celebrate the life of Edward "Ted" Carpenter later this month.

Ted passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on March 8. He was a keen biker and loved all things with an engine.

His final, and hopefully loud and proud ride, starts at 12.30pm on April 19 and will be proceeding from JJ Burgess and Sons, down Cole Green Lane to the crematorium for the funeral service.

Ted was born Edward William Carpenter on Tuesday June 21 1949 in Dagenham, Essex to his Norman and Joyce. He was one of six and his siblings were Norman, Wendy, Derek, Eve, and Sally. They all enjoyed a loving and happy childhood, playing pranks on each other and getting up to mischief.

In 1954 when Ted was aged six the family moved from Dagenham to Bushey Ley, in Welwyn Garden City. He attended Blackthorn Junior School followed by Heronswood Secondary Modern School, and greatly enjoyed his time there, working part time for a local grocers delivering to customers in the company van.

Having left school, he started his working life at a body shop repair company in Hatfield, before moving on to the Co Op Butchers in Halden’s, Welwyn Garden City.

He then went on to work in the plastic process within ICI in the town and his final job was for Herts County Council where he was a specialist equipment delivery for the needy. Ted loved his work. He could turn his hand to any task and was always learning new skills. He was never out of work and when he did lose his job he found a new position straight away.

Ted’s final job with the specialist equipment was his perfect job. He took great satisfaction in delivering and installing equipment which enabled people with injuries or disabilities to leave hospital and live at home.

Moving back in time for a moment Ted married and had two children in Tina and Dean. He then met Jacky, who became his long-term partner of 36 years.

Ted was an amazing father. At first Ted saw his children at weekends until their early teens when they moved in with him full time in a one-bedroom flat in Moatwood Green, WGC. He raised Tina and Dean while working full time. This came with its own hurdles to overcome but Ted as usual worked hard and cared greatly finally raising them into the adults they are today.

Over the years Ted lived in various places around Welwyn Garden City and finally in Northwold, Thetford

As well as a dad Ted was also grandad to his two grandchildren Leah Jayne Carpenter and Marlie Joyce Carpenter.

So, what made Ted happy? Well, clearly his family is at the top of that list. When he was younger Ted was an active Scout and during one adventure fell out of a tree and broke numerous bones in both his arms.

He loved animals, particularly his dogs: a Staffordshire bull terrier named Russet and more recently another called Benson.

Ted had many motorbikes in his time, one particular was a Fishtail Velocette which was awful on fuel consumption, mainly because his brother Derek was siphoning fuel for his own moped! He also owned a rather smart BSA which he bought from a neighbour. His love for bikes rubbed off on his son Dean and even his granddaughter Marlie.

Ted was 72 when he sadly passed away, he will be missed and the best way to cherish his memory is to remember everything that was good in his life.

He loved his family and was very much-loved back in return. He enjoyed so many different interests and had enjoyed a happy and a contented life.

For details on the funeral service and bike ride visit https://www.facebook.com/events/s/last-ride-funeral-escort-for-e/433900758500726/