The impact of Covid meant many people were unable to pay proper tribute to their loved ones in person, with funerals cancelled or restricted in size, and wakes impossible given stringent government guidelines.

As part of our remit to celebrate the lives of our local citizens, the WHT is offering to publish readers' obituaries of their much-missed friends and family, even if some time has passed since their deaths.

Robert Robinson was born on July 3 1958 at Peartree Maternity Hospital, Welwyn Garden City. He was the fifth child of Dora Robinson and much loved brother to older sisters Ann, Jenny and Noreen, older brother Jimmy and younger brothers Joe and Mickey.

Robert went to Holwell Primary School and then onto Howard Secondary School where he had many friends especially Corrine who he’d known since he was born. He later went onto meet Simon who also became a lifelong friend.

He worked at John Lewis in Welwyn Garden City and used to model for them in their yearly fashion show which he really enjoyed and always got into the spirit of things. He made many friends during his time there before moving to London to work at Hamleys Toy Shop.

Robert later became a social worker, working with older people for many years. He loved his job and had a great social life. He was flamboyant and extrovert, very good company and incredibly popular. Robert enjoyed going to parties, clubs, restaurants and had many holidays abroad.

His sister Jenny said: "Robert loved people and he loved life!"

Robert was very fond of his 16 nieces and nephews and 15 great nieces and nephews. In recent years he came back to Welwyn Garden City and picked up with friends that he known had before moving to London.

He also took over the care of one his friend's dogs called Hugo who he absolutely adored, and who went everywhere with him. Because of Robert’s love of fashion and style, he was often found working in the local charity shops around WGC where he would pick up many a fashion piece so that he could style his friends.

Robert loved Diana Ross and his most treasured possession was her autograph on a birthday card, which his family has now passed on to his best friends Simon and wife Margaret.

Jenny added: "Robert wasn’t perfect. He had his faults as we all have. We would rather remember the happy fun loving brother and friend we knew and loved and hope that he’s in a better place."

Robert Robinson: July 3 1958 to February 27 2020.