No CCTV in Potters Bar for 18 months

Poles for CCTV camras have now stood in locations in Potters Bar for 18 months, without any cameras on top of them

WHAT do you see in the picture, right?

The answer is, obviously, a CCTV camera.

Unfortunately it's not one keeping a watchful eye on Potters Bar railway station.

For the camera that should be monitoring Darkes Lane has not been installed - 18 MONTHS after the pole for it was first erected.

And it is not the only one: a similar pole stands camera-less in High Street.

John Godfrey, chairman of the Potters Bar Crime Reduction Group, described the situation as "ludicrous".

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"Eighteen months and we're still waiting," he said.

"This is just ridiculous. It would be nice to see it working. It annoys me (the delay)."

Val Kane, Hertsmere Borough Council's community safety officer, said the project had been hit by several problems, but that the cameras would be up and running soon.

"There have been delays for a number of reasons during the life of this project," she said.

"One of those was a link from BT but this has now been resolved and it would be unfair to lay blame at their doors.

"The next step is to get the power installed and we expect this to happen within the next couple of months.

"We appreciate this project has taken time but we are making progress and hope the cameras will go live as soon as the power is connected.