Nick Clegg snubs ‘UFO hacker’s’ mum

THE mother of Gary McKinnon, who is facing extradition to the US over alleged UFO hacking, has been snubbed by Nick Clegg.

Janis Sharp, who lives in Brookmans Park, had written to the Deputy Prime Minister asking for a meeting to discuss her Asperger’s sufferer son’s case, only to be given the brush off.

She is demanding Mr McKinnon be tried in the UK and had been bolstered by pre-election promises by Mr Clegg to try her son here.

In another apparent U-turn, after changing his position on tuition fees rises and renewing Trident, the Lib Dem leader wrote to Mrs Sharp saying it would not be a good idea for them to meet.

Before last May’s General Election Mr Clegg was in regular contact and staunchly supported Mrs Sharp’s campaign. But she told the WHT: “He said because it’s being considered by Theresa May in a quasi-judicial role he couldn’t do anything.

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“I was disappointed – it’s not sub-judice when its with the Home Secretary.

She added: “Nick Clegg had been on demos for Gary and sent Christmas cards and got me to write a piece for the Liberal Democrats.

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“But once they get into government they listen to the same civil servants – I think it’s very sad.

“They slated the Labour Government quite badly and yet once they got in they started listening to the same people.

“I think they [civil servants] see our politicians as frontmen for them.

“It’s horrendous.”

She said she wasn’t angry with the Deputy Prime Minister, whose contact with her has ceased since the Lib Dems joined the Coalition Government, just “disappointed”.

Two years ago, when Mr Clegg stood side-by-side with Mrs Sharp as they campaigned outside the Home Office to keep Mr McKinnon in the UK, Mr Clegg slammed the then Labour government over the one-sided extradition treaty with the US.

He said: “It’s wrong for this government to sign a treaty in secret that sells our rights down the river while it protects the rights of American citizens, and it is plain wrong to send a vulnerable young man to his fate in the United States when he could and should be tried here instead.”

He added: “It is simply a question of doing the right thing.”

A Cabinet Office spokesman said that Mr Clegg had declined to meet Mrs Sharp because of “a sound legal reason”.

He added; “He [Nick Clegg] can’t be seen to influence the legal proceedings.”

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