Deal or No Deal can be a cruel game, a cruel game indeed. And tonight was a prime example of why.

The beloved show officially returned on ITV 1 and ITVX on 20 November after a long period off the air when Noel Edmonds hosted the show on Channel 4.

Deal or No Deal is known for its intense drama due to the fact it can make or break a person's life, for the better, or for worse.

Last night's show had plenty of drama, as Chaniece walked away with £9,750 but could have won the jackpot...£100k.

Tonight had drama but for entirely different reasons.

The contestant was Reece, a research nurse who had brought with him a 'lucky 50p'. Sometimes you're just asking for it, aren't you?

His game didn't start off well, unboxing the 100k, 50k and then 75k pretty quickly and Reece looked dejected and out.

However as the banker put it, he eventually "nursed his game back to health" and ended up looking well for the final round, which got him a decent multiple thousand offer from the banker.

Reece, however, no dealed, 'I genuinely believe I've brought 25k to the table", he said.

What was the next box that was opened? The 25k...

He was then left between 5k and 1p.

What happened? He became the first player of the series to join the 1p club.

That 50p is probably getting spent on a Fredo.

Not only have ITV brought back Big Brother, BBC bosses are reviving 90s gameshow Gladiators, and now popular quiz show Deal or No Deal is set to make an emphatic comeback with a new host.