May 6 local elections: Meet your candidates for Welwyn East

Welwyn East

Your candidates for Welwyn East - Credit: Supplied

On May 6 all 16 wards will have a seat up for grabs in the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council elections - with Welham Green and Hatfield South ward having two.

Of the 17 seats up for election, there are 10 Conservative seats, four Labour seats and three Liberal Democrat seats.

The WHT has given each candidate the opportunity to tell you why they are running.

They are listed alphabetically by surname:

William Berrington - Green Party

William Berrington - Green Party - Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Green Party

William Berrington – Green Party

"I am standing as a Green Party candidate because we are in a climate emergency and the Green Party has policies which directly address the critical problems. To reverse the trend, we need to take action on a global, national and a local level, all playing a part by taking action in Welwyn and Hatfield over issues such as carbon emissions, air pollution, noise and reducing the impact of plastic.

"Green votes will make that happen by electing Greens to positions where we can make a difference and because votes for the Green Party influence the other parties and make it clear they need to change.

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"As a local party we will find ways to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of Welwyn and Hatfield and its residents’, but we can be more effective if we are elected. We want to make a difference with you and for you."

Julie Cragg - Conservatives 

Julie Cragg - Conservatives - Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Conservatives

Julie Cragg – Conservatives 

"I have lived in Welwyn Hatfield for 42 years, 39 of them married, so I know and the area well, from our lovely woodlands to the vibrant independent local shops and businesses.

"We are also very lucky to have good schools and GP practises. As my husband and I use these facilities we are able to see any changes good or bad and try to help so that these valuable resources are not lost to the community.

"I am glad that at the moment the Smart motorway plans for the A1M in our area have been postponed as I feel that there is a lot of work to be done on the safety aspects before it arrives in our area. I also feel that we need to stand up for the community and will do my best to ensure that the council is aware of residents’ feelings on local issues."

Martine Davis - Labour

Martine Davis - Labour - Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Labour

Martine Davis – Labour 

"Some of you may know me as a previous parent of Tewin Cowper SchooI and as a local hairdresser, who has lived in the Welwyn and Hatfield borough for over 50 years.
Therefore I feel well place to understand the values and concerns of the local community.
"I am passionate about education and as qualified teacher trainer I am very concerned about the disruption young people and children have experience with their education and how this may affect their working life opportunities and wellbeing.
"If elected as your councillor I would work tirelessly to tackle issues affecting Welwyn and Hatfield, and focusing on what matters to local people. Like protecting vital local services such as Urgent Care Centre at the QEII, where I campaigned against the proposed closure."

Helen Harrington - Liberal Democrats

Helen Harrington - Liberal Democrats - Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats

Helen Harrington – Liberal Democrats 

"Liberal Democrats want a Council that puts residents first. We will work with councillors of all parties, in the best interests of our communities, whilst ensuring sound financial decision-making. We also want to see better, more joined-up working with the County Council and other authorities. 

"Liberal Democrat priorities for our area include:

  • Reversing the decline in recycling rates
  • Improving parking with a joined-up approach that includes enforcement and creating more parking spaces for residents, while maintaining the green feel of our areas
  • A local plan that reflects local priorities, not those of the national
  • Government or developers. We will fight tooth and nail to provide sorely needed affordable homes.
  • Developing new facilities for youth to help tackle anti-social and criminal behaviour.

"These are initiatives that have been blocked at every turn because one party has had control for too long. The borough council should be the place for cooperation to get things done. If you want to see these ambitions through, please give me your vote."