May 6 local elections: Meet your candidates for Northaw and Cuffley Ward

Northaw and Cuffley Ward candidates

Your Northaw and Cuffley Ward candidates - Credit: Supplied

On May 6 all 16 wards will have a seat up for grabs in the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council elections - with Welham Green and Hatfield South ward having two.

Of the 17 seats up for election, there are 10 Conservative seats, four Labour seats and three Liberal Democrat seats.

The WHT has given each candidate the opportunity to tell you why they are running.

They are listed alphabetically by surname:

Shelia Barrett – Labour

Sheila Barrett – Labour - Credit: Labour

Sheila Barrett – Labour 

"I moved into the area in the 90s and I really love our town. At home I’ve tried my best to be as sustainable as possible and this is an area I would like to see the council focus on.

"It’s become increasingly clear that the council doesn’t work with our best interests in mind. Our concerns over issues like parking aren’t being listened to - and to top it all off we’re being asked to pay more for the privilege. That needs to change.

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"If elected I will not only champion the issues of the community but will hold the council to account - we cannot build back from the coronavirus pandemic on the shoulders of regular working people."

Gail Ganney - Conservatives

Gail Ganney - Conservatives - Credit: Conservatives

Gail Ganney - Conservatives

"I’m a local businesswoman who has lived in the Wildhill area, just down the road from Newgate Street, for the last 25 years. Having raised four children in this area over this period, I care deeply about the quality and safety of our neighbourhood, from efficient refuse service to a secure and pleasant environment for everyone.

"I feel strongly that the local councillor is just that - someone local who cares about local issues that affect us daily. I have zero tolerance for unsociable behaviour or indifferent attitudes.

"I believe our homes are our castles and we are all entitled to feel secure and protected in our neighbourhood. Community service and responsibility is my mantra and if I am elected I can assure a personal, hands-on commitment to my role as your borough councillor."

Elizabeth Johnson – Liberal Democrats

Elizabeth Johnson – Liberal Democrats - Credit: Liberal Democrats

Elizabeth Johnson – Liberal Democrats 

"I have lived in Northaw for over 20 years. Having spent much of my working life living in towns and cities, moving here was literally a breath of fresh air.

"My early career was spent in education, as a language teacher and then in education policy and project roles. More recently I worked on government projects designed to support businesses and develop workforce skills.

"There are lots of challenges facing our community: air pollution, traffic volume and speed, bus services, parking and planning.  I have voted for each of the main parties in the past but, most recently, I have supported the Liberal Democrats because I admire their values, energy and commitment to seeking change in local communities. 

"I want to be your voice on the council representing our local community. I will do all I can to deliver for our ward and make sure that your voice is heard."