May 6 local elections: Meet your candidates for Hatfield South West

Hatfield South West

Your Hatfield South West candidates - Credit: Supplied

On May 6 all 16 wards will have a seat up for grabs in the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council elections - with Welham Green and Hatfield South ward having two.

Of the 17 seats up for election, there are 10 Conservative seats, four Labour seats and three Liberal Democrat seats.

The WHT has given each candidate the opportunity to tell you why they are running.

They are listed alphabetically by surname:

James Broach - Labour

James Broach - Labour - Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Labour

James Broach – Labour 

"I’ve lived and worked in Hatfield for nearly all my adult life – this is my home and I am proud of it, the people that live here, and our collective determination to make this a better place to live.

"I have been a councillor in Hatfield since 2015. In that time, I have worked on a number of issues that receive no publicity, such as stopping the conversion of family homes and commercial spaces into HMOs/flats and highlighting the appalling performance of private waste contractors.

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"When it comes to parking or even ensuring our streets are kept clean – we’re always overlooked. Local people need a council that doesn’t treat Hatfield as second best, and I know Labour will provide Hatfield with the care and respect it deserves.

"I will continue working on opposing inappropriate development in our area, and ensuring that the council provides value for money on the ever increasing council tax bills.

Timothy Rowse – Liberal Democrats 

Timothy Rowse – Liberal Democrats - Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Liberal Democrats 

Timothy Rowse – Liberal Democrats 

"I moved to Hatfield in 1993 to open the Royal Mail site on the new Hatfield Business Park. British Aerospace had just closed and I was pleased to be able to offer new opportunities for the residents of Hatfield.

"I felt privileged that my daughters could grow up here and attend the great local schools. I recently retired after over 40 years with the Royal Mail and now volunteer for a national charity which provides me with a great insight to the many challenges that local residents face, particularly in these unprecedented times.

"Hatfield is a welcoming, tight-knit community. Having sought to generate support for Hatfield Market during the lockdown, I was dismayed by the response from Conservative councillor Duncan Bell who believed supporting the market to open on Wednesdays would potentially jeopardise its long-term future. I knew then that I had to stand because I am determined to champion our town. Because Hatfield matters."

Craig Stanbury - Conservatives

Craig Stanbury - Conservatives - Credit: Welwyn Hatfield Conservatives

Craig Stanbury – Conservatives 

"I am the Conservative candidate for Hatfield South West, including the Briars, Bishops Rise, College Lane and Hilltop areas.

"I live locally and I work for a Wholesaler in South Hatfield. I spent a number of years living and working abroad – but Welwyn Hatfield is the place I’ve called home for most of my life and I am keen to give something back.

"Many of the local people I’ve met or spoken to on the phone this year and last (I was due to be your Conservative candidate for the 2020 elections) have mentioned I’m the first candidate or councillor they’ve met personally for some time, so if elected I’ll bring energy and commitment to the way the people of Hatfield South West are represented.

"I would look to further support parking, local maintenance and litter initiatives to further encourage pride in our local community."