May 6 local elections: Meet your candidates for Hatfield Central Ward

Hatfield Central Ward

Two of your Hatfield Central Ward candidates - Credit: Supplied

On May 6 all 16 wards will have a seat up for grabs in the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council elections - with Welham Green and Hatfield South ward having two.

Of the 17 seats up for election, there are 10 Conservative seats, four Labour seats and three Liberal Democrat seats.

The WHT has given each candidate the opportunity to tell you why they are running.

They are listed alphabetically by surname:

James Bond - Conservatives

James Bond - Conservatives - Credit: Conservatives

James Bond – Conservatives 

"My name is James Bond (yes, really) and I am the Conservative candidate for Hatfield North county division, Hatfield Central borough ward. Following a surprise by-election at Hatfield Town Council, I’m also standing for election there too.

"I live locally with my wife and my dog, Pluto. My work has taken me around the world - I used to be in the army and I spent several years working for the police in Africa. I’ve lived in many parts of the world but Welwyn Hatfield is where I feel at home.

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"In my opinion, local elections should be about people making an effort to improve the lives of people on a very personal level. It shouldn’t be about who has the fanciest leaflets, or even which party each candidate represents.

"That’s why I made a point of meeting people face to face when I stood for election to the borough council in 2019, and I’m doing my best to do meet lots of people again this year."

Maureen Cook - Labour

Maureen Cook - Labour - Credit: Labour

Maureen Cook – Labour

"I’m proud to have been a councillor for Hatfield Central since 1992 and it’s been a privilege to continue to work hard for all residents and to support my local community. I’ve seen first hand how the Conservatives have prioritised themselves instead of Hatfield and it cannot be allowed to continue.

"In Hatfield, Labour has always been on the side of residents. Together we stopped them from turning Hatfield into the dustbin of Hertfordshire, and now I’m asking for your support to continue the fight against the wider neglect of our Town. I am furious that the Conservatives are trying to charge people to park in Hatfield Town Centre when local businesses have struggled over the last year."

"It’s been such a difficult year for everyone, but the community has really pulled together – with your support on May 6th, that’s the spirit I’ll be taking into the council chamber."

Melvyn Jones – Abolish The Town Council Party 

We were unable to find contact details for Melvyn - please get in contact at if you would like to send in your statement

Michelle Kirk – Liberal Democrats 

Michelle decided not to submit a statement to the paper.