Apply for planning permission or move skips and machinery, company told

A1 Skips Ltd near The Meadows, South Mimms. Picture: Supplied

A1 Skips Ltd near The Meadows, South Mimms. Picture: Supplied - Credit: Archant

Following an investigation of dumping allegations in South Mimms, Hertsmere Borough Council has asked the skip company to apply for planning permission or move skips and machinery. 

The land at The Meadows, off Blanche Lane and a bridleway, has been used by the A1 Skips Ltd to park their trucks on the site since at least April and is cited for horticultural use.

A Hertsmere Borough Council spokesman has now said: “Our planning enforcement team have investigated the allegations of dumping of waste at the site of The English Garden Company’s operations in South Mimms.

“As we understand it, A1 Skips were contracted by the owner of the land on which The English Garden Company operates, to remove a compost bund on a neighbouring plot of land.

“It seems A1 Skips began using the site as an informal transit depot, and in fact left skips there, sometimes filled with waste from other sites overnight.

“The skips and machinery have remained on site, even though the clearance works have finished.

“As a consequence, we’ve written to A1 Skips, giving them 28 days to vacate the site. Alternatively, should they wish to continue operating from the site, they should submit a planning application to our development management team by the deadline.

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“We will be visiting the site after the deadline and if compliance has not been achieved, we will determine the next course of action."

In response, A1 Skips, which provides services for getting rid of earth and soil, concrete and brick, recyclable material and trees, denies any wrongdoing. 

They maintain that they were asked to clear and recycle waste more than nine months ago.

"Hertsmere Borough Council has stated in writing they had problems with the removal of this waste deposited by the English Garden Company since 2011. A1 Skips has an upper tier waste carriers licence with proof of waste transfer notes detailing where the waste has gone. 

"The clearance work at the site will be finished soon. However, the interrogation from both the council and surrounding neighbours in these hard times has been unnecessary and very damaging. It has caused great stress for our company who simply wishes to go about business as professionally and quietly as possible."