Lack of confidence in Welwyn Hatfield council following housing safety scandal

Welwyn Hatfield Council has admitted serious health and safety failings with regards to its housing stock.

Welwyn Hatfield Council has admitted serious health and safety failings with regards to its housing stock. - Credit: Archant

Welwyn Hatfield residents have reacted with anger to the news that the council has failed to meet statutory health and safety requirements on hundreds of its homes.

WHBC has been accused of major failings in legally required safety checks by the government Regulator of Social Housing, including concerns over fire, electrical, asbestos and water safety.

The scandal prompted the new council chief executive Ka Ng to issue a public apology to tenants for previous failings, and reassure them that steps are being taken to rectify the concerns.

But that isn't good enough for many tenants, who have hit back at the situation on social media.

Brian Canning thinks heads should roll: "So writing a letter to say we endangered your life is all OK. There is a major failing in the entire council, people need to be sacked, but that will never happen because that's the right thing to do."

Beverley Jayne said: "Put in a huge formal complaint to the council back in January... still no one has dealt with it."

Emzie Hull replied: "I had to put in a complaint about the complaint and it's still not sorted... have been waiting since December. Shocking really!"

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Ben Andrews was already on the case about these issues: "Oh we know this too well, I've had to advise them a few times that legal action will be taken but don't think they actually realise that I was being serious, Especially when we have children in the house.. WHBC is a joke."

Kate Cowan has lost faith in the council: "How can we have confidence in them if they are clearly putting lives at risk? It's appalling. People in council homes deserve better than they seem to be getting."

Jess Precious revealed her own issues: "My room is a downstairs disabled bedroom and has been classed as a fire hazard and the council won’t do anything about it."

Archie Maisey believes councillors block anyone who takes them for task on social media: "They can't even work Facebook, so how do they manage the technology which shows that the housing stock hasn't had safety checks done?"