Council Tax Support Scheme to continue in the new year

 Parkway Welwyn Garden City Number 96 on the left of picture was the home of C B Purdom author and pioneer of garden cities

The Council have made a decision on who and how residents will benefit from council tax reduction. - Credit: Jo Turner

Welwyn Hatfield council will continue the council tax reduction scheme that it rolled out in 2021, it was revealed this week.

Pensioners, families with children under the age of five and those receiving Personal Independence Payments, such as people with disabilities, and other residents on low incomes will continue to benefit from council tax reductions in the new year.

The support scheme is based on a reduction of 25 per cent in council tax liability. A claimant's assessed entitlement is calculated on 75 per cent of the council tax bill. 

At a Cabinet Local Plan meeting on Wednesday, November 3, councillors agreed to continue the scheme, despite it costing WHBC an estimated £7.9 million in 2021/22. This cost is in excess of 10 per cent of their gross council tax receipts. 

Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner was in agreement but Herts county council made no comments. 

Councillor Fiona Thomson said she was "very pleased to support this". 

Councillor Duncan Bell said: "It is a difficult one because the more we completely protect certain individuals, the more we charge others. But I think it's the right thing to do."