Council mourns loss of 'one person every other day since March' to COVID-19

Tony Kingsbury

Welwyn Hatfield leader Cllr Tony Kingsbury - Credit: WHBC

As the UK marked the terrible milestone of 100,000 lives lost to coronavirus this week, the leader of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has released a statement on the loss. 

Cllr Tony Kingsbury said: "We, in turn, mourn the tragic loss of 161 lives in Welwyn Hatfield. That’s one person every other day since last March.

"Parents, partners, siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbours; the loss of these people impacting thousands more lives.

"So many of you are living with the pain of loss and denied the chance to properly say goodbye. So many of you have seen loved ones fall victim to this deadly virus.

"This is a terrible time for our community. And yet, in these dark times, I have also seen an indomitable human spirit shining bright in our community.

"I know I’ve said it many times before, but I am humbled and proud at the incredible kindness and sacrifice you have shown.

"It’s exhausting, we’re all fed up, but we need to keep pushing on and sticking to the rules to help keep each other safe. We owe it to those lives that we have lost.

"If you’d like to remember someone you’ve lost to COVID-19, or through other causes during the pandemic, you can honour their memory in an online Book of Remembrance:

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"Together, we will get through this."