Welwyn Hatfield is going to the polls - why YOU should vote on Thursday

Polling station - Friendship House, Wellfield Road, Hatfield

The polling station at Friendship House, Wellfield Road, Hatfield

It's Decision Day tomorrow (Thursday) and the Welwyn Hatfield Times is calling on readers to exercise their democratic rights and cast their vote.

Across the borough, polling stations will be open between 7am to 10pm, and crucially you can still vote EVEN if you don't have your polling card.

So why bother voting in the borough council elections? Will your X really make a difference?

In reality, local elections are more important for your day-to-day life than General Elections, as members of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council make decisions on everything from bins and parking to green spaces.

Councillors decide the future of where you live, from deciding where new housing and infrastructure gets built to how green spaces are maintained; decisions they make today will impact what your community looks and feels like for years to come.

You are voting for the person you can turn to for help when you need it, as it is a councillor’s job to hear your concerns and represent your views.

WHT editor Matt Adams said: "Ultimately, you have the right to vote, something which is denied many people across the world, so don't waste this opportunity to get involved in the democratic process.

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"Local elections have important consequences for you and your family, and there's no point complaining about the decisions made by Welwyn Hatfield borough councillors in the future if you aren't prepared to take part in these elections. Your vote matters – don’t lose it."

Check out the WHT's website at whtimes.co.uk for the latest results as they come in on Friday afternoon.