Learn vital first aid skills in Potters Bar

AROUND 150,000 people die each year – because not enough individuals know basic first aid training.

That’s the figure given by charity St John Ambulance, who say the deaths could have been prevented if more people were first aid aware.

From a recent survey conducted by the charity – which has a division in The Walk, Potters Bar – 30 per cent of people in the UK would not know what to do if a child choked on a piece of food.

It was also found that shockingly 29 per cent of people, out of 2045 surveyed, wouldn’t have a clue how to treat a child who sustained a burn from a frying pan.

“Knowing what to do in an emergency could be the difference between a life saved and a life lost,” said a St John Ambulance spokeswoman.

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For that reason, the life-saving charity is offering an Early Years first aid course, at St John Ambulance in Potters Bar, for child minders, nursery teachers, au pairs and play group leaders.

The 12-hour course, which meets the standards required by Ofsted and the Department for Children, Schools and Families, aims to give people the skills and confidence to deal with a first aid emergency.

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Scenarios include looking at the treatment of an unconscious casualty, choking, head injuries, burns, sprains and fractures and childhood conditions including meningitis.

Sue Skoyles, a St John Ambulance training manager, said: “It’s vital that those working with babies and young children have the necessary skills to cope in an emergency.

“We believe everyone who needs first aid should receive it – around 150,000 people die every year from a lack of first aid. “It really can make a difference.”

The course runs tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.

For more information on the Early Years course, as well as course fees, call St John Ambulance on 01438 740 044.

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