‘I comforted victim’ – hairdresser tells Potters Bar crash inquest

A HAIRDRESSER has given evidence at the inquest into the death of seven people killed in the Potters Bar rail crash.

Sally Hatton was working at Sunshine Hairdressers close to the railway station on May 10, 2002 and ran from the shop after hearing the crash.

The train had derailed, killing six passengers and South Mimms grandmother Agnes Quinlivan, who was killed when debris from the crash hit her as she walked under a railway bridge.

In a statement read at the hearing today (Friday), Ms Hatton told of the moments she found the 80-year-old grandmother under the bridge on Darkes Lane.

The statement read: “At the bridge, I could see people standing around, lots of debris and people in cars trapped.

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“I felt people were standing and watching but not doing anything, so I ran forward and jumped over what I thought was debris.”

Ms Hatton found Agnes was still alive under the rubble. She was not moving, but was breathing.

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“I started to speak to her and checked her airway but I did not move her. People started to join me and they wanted to move her, but I said ‘no’.

“I just stayed with her, stroking her hair and hand.”

Ms Hatton stayed with Agnes until the paramedics arrived before running to the platform to help there.

The inquest, which is expected to last for two months, continues.

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