Developers pushing ahead with approved plans for homes on school land

Onslow St Audrey's Development

Plans for 87 homes and new school facilities on the Onslow St Audrey's School site were approved in 2018. - Credit: Home Group

Developers are pushing ahead with approved plans for new homes on school land in Hatfield after acoustic reports were submitted.

The application for 87 new homes, science laboratories and sports facilities on land at Onslow St Audrey’s School was submitted by the school and developers Home Group were approved back in 2018.

The past four years has seen a number of aspects approved by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, but there had been little movement on the development since early 2022 when layout designs including road details, landscaping and lighting were submitted – although these are yet to be approved.

Now, acoustic reports for the site have been put forward, with a noise and vibration survey finding moderate noise levels towards both the north and south, although nearby trains and road traffic were found to cause higher levels.

The report recommended: “Natural ventilation would be suitable for large parts of the development that are shielded from road traffic and railway noise.

“For facades overlooking roads and close to rail lines relying on openable windows might lead to noise levels in excess of those recommended by the World Health Organisation. An alternate method such an MEV with acoustically rated trickle vents is recommended.”

Noise modelling has also taken place, with the Home Group report stating: “Noise modelling using acoustic modelling software, CadnaA, has been undertaken to predict the noise levels for the development.

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“The model has been calibrated to measured data to ensure accuracy of the results. These results have been used as part of the assessment.”

The report also state that the vibration survey detected low levels and is ‘unlikely to cause issues’.

“The vibration survey was conducted at one position close the railway lines,” the report read.

“Detectable events with low magnitude were measured during the survey. The measured levels were assessed for perception in terms of their vibration dose value and re-radiated noise levels.

“The calculated vibration dose values are low and therefore unlikely to cause issues with future developments.

“The predicted re-radiated noise levels are lower than the generally accepted limit and are therefore unlikely to cause disturbance to future residents.”