Headteacher calls out 'dangerous' and 'inconsiderate' parking from parents outside school

Holwell Primary School Welwyn Garden City

Parking outside Holwell Primary School has been an issue for residents along the road since school began again - Credit: Google

A Welwyn Garden City headteacher has made a public apology for the poor parking from parents dropping off their kids for school.

Headteacher of Holwell School, Sarah-Grace French, sent the letter to residents living opposite the site.

She also wrote a letter to parents highlighting the persisting issue of dangerous and illegal parking due to a minority who continue to block residents' driveways.

Holwell Primary School

Miss French with two Holwell Primary School pupils - Credit: Holwell Primary School

The letter sent to the residents of Holwell Road explained the steps they are taking to discourage this sort of parking, while the letter to the parents clearly stated the rules around parking.

Miss French said to parents: "Sadly, I am having to write to you about the dangerous and inconsiderate parking at arrival and dismissal times. I am aware that these times of the day are busy but it is vitally important that we create a safe environment and show respect to out community.

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"Last week, our first week back at school, cars were parked across the drives of residents, and on the zigzag lines. This parking can pose a safety risk to pupils and parents that do walk and cycle to school, as well as to other road users.

"In addition, it is disrespectful and inconsiderate to the families who reside across the street from our school."

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The letter clearly stated the relevant section of the Highway Code, reminding parents that cars cannot park or wait on yellow lines during times of operation shown on nearby time plates, with similar rules applying to the school's entrance markings.

In the letter sent to the nearby residents impacted by the issue, Miss French explained how she has met with a resident and discussed the issue with the local council and the police.

The school will continue to monitor the parking situation and challenge those parents "who are choosing to disrespect our community".

Residents along the road are now being asked to record the number plates of any vehicles they see that are parking inconsiderately and to pass this onto the school office.

After which the parent will be invited to a meeting with the headteacher herself to discuss the issue further.

At the very end of the letter Miss French once again apologised and emphasised it is only a "small minority of parents".

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