Hertfordshire’s most unwanted cat finds forever home

Tammy and Neil Mallon.

Tammy and Neil Mallon. - Credit: Archant

Hertfordshire’s most unwanted cat has settled into her new home after a successful appeal by the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

Neil Mallon and Tammy.

Neil Mallon and Tammy. - Credit: Archant

Neil Mallon’s girlfriend spotted Tammy on the Welwyn Hatfield Times’ Facebook page and sent him the link.

It wasn’t long until 38-year-old Neil was able to bring Tammy home after she had spent over a year at the RSPCA Southridge Centre in Potters Bar.

Tammy, 11, was Southridge’s longest staying cat after she was brought in because her elderly owner had become too ill to care for her.

Neil, who is a biologist, said: “You will all be pleased to know that Tammy has settled in exceptionally well.

Tammy is settled into her new home.

Tammy is settled into her new home. - Credit: Archant

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“As soon as we got her home, she was out of the crate without any encouragement.

“She did a quick lap of the living room and then decided she wanted some affection and attention.

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“Tammy is a very sociable cat and she enjoys company. She lets me know when she wants attention, then also lets me know when she has had enough.”

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