Hertfordshire lurchers need a home

FIVE homeless lurchers are in need of new families after being found alone and wandering the streets.

The four stray dogs, Samson, Jacob, Toby and Lucas, were all found in Hertfordshire, while bitch Molly was found in Ireland.

All five are now waiting at The Blue Cross centre in Kimpton to be adopted and given a second chance in life.

Blue Cross supervisor Joanna Lane said: “It’s unusual for us to have so many lurchers in the centre at one time so it may take a bit longer for us to find them all a home.

“But they can make fantastic pets and these dogs are all young, energetic, affectionate, and desperate for a home with someone to love.”

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Lurchers are a cross-breed between greyhounds and either collies or terriers, originally bred for hare or rabbit coursing.

Due to their background, they love to run and chase and therefore may need to be muzzled when off the lead in a public place, but they are typically gentle with people and make excellent companions.

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Sarah Sheldrick adopted her three-legged dog Douglas, a lurcher cross Staffordshire bull terrier, from The Blue Cross in 2003.

She said: “Lurchers are absolutely wonderful dogs and superb for families.

“Their instinct is to chase after everything but they can be trained – Douglas will always stop when I call his name.

“Despite being badly treated in the past, he’s very affectionate and I even take him into schools and nursing homes as a therapy dog.”

If you can offer a good home call 01438 832232 or drop into the centre on Kimpton Bottom.

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