Hertfordshire GPs back bowel cancer campaign

DOCTORS in Hertfordshire are backing a new campaign urging people – especially those aged over 55 – to visit their GP if they recognise the symptoms of bowel cancer.

The NHS has launched the awareness campaign, Be Clear on Cancer, in a bid to increase survival rates through early detection.

Research shows the over-55s have a higher risk of getting the disease – the third most common cancer in England – and are more likely to put off going to their doctor.

Symptoms to look out for include changes in toilet habits, or noticing blood in your faeces.

Dr Perumal Raveendran, a GP in Hertfordshire, said: “If you recognise these symptoms and have had them for three weeks or more, then make an appointment to get checked out by your GP.

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“No need to feel embarrassed – it’s all in a days work for your doctor.

“It could be that there’s nothing to worry about but if not then the earlier cancer is caught the more chance there is of a complete cure.”

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Be Clear on Cancer is being piloted in two regions, the east and the south-west of England, over seven weeks.

If successful, it will be rolled out across the country.

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