Two people rescued after flood warnings issued

Flooding near Brookmans Park 

Flooding near Brookmans Park - Credit: Neil Bedford

Two people have been rescued near Brookmans Park after their car became stuck on a back road. 

At around 11.30am today, fire engines from Potters Bar and a water rescue team from Hatfield attended the scene and helped two people to safety on Warrengate Road near Bradmore Lane. 

Bentley stuck on Bradmore Lane 

Bentley stuck on Bradmore Lane - Credit: Supplied by Neil Bedford

Herts Fire explained: "We are also aware of a number of other cars becoming stuck in the water, however, these haven’t needed our assistance."

Neil Bedford, who saw the rescue from outside his home on Warrengate Road, was exasperated by the yearly flooding.

Though he acknowledged that the Environment Agency has tried to mitigate the issue with flood barriers putting put up to prevent damage at a dozen bungalows in the area.

"With the [draft] Local Plan coming, they're thinking of building 600 houses up the road, which is just madness in a regular flood area.

"I don't think I'll be out today anyway unless I can wade through it."

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Heavy night rain, which caused the widespread flooding across Herts, has led to flood warnings in South and North Mimms, parts of Hatfield, and Welwyn Garden City. 

Concerns were raised by the Environment Agency about the Upper River Colne, River Lea and Radlett Brook bursting their banks to flood low lying land and roads close to the river throughout the day on Thursday.

And other areas of the catchment are also likely to see flooding later in the day.

Aerial shot of Bradmore Lane

Aerial shot of Bradmore Lane - Credit: Supplied by Neil Bedford

The EA added on the River Colne: "We expect the river to remain high today as further rain is forecast during the day.

"You should avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water. We are constantly monitoring river levels and have staff on standby to attend to any blockages in the river. This message will be updated this afternoon or earlier if the situation changes."

Flooding on Bradmore Lane towards the houses and gardens on Warrengate Road. 

Flooding on Bradmore Lane towards the houses and gardens on Warrengate Road. - Credit: Supplied by Neil Bedford

And about the River Lea issues stretching from Hertford to Luton, the agency said: "Flooding from surface water, where water gathers and flows off road surfaces, could also occur. High river levels are likely in Lemsford and Hertford."

The A1(M) and M25 also experienced severe delays today with issues from flooding and crashes near Potters Bar.