Hero cops awarded after Hatfield rescue

A HERO cop who saved a man who was hanging from his fingertips 100ft above the ground has been given an award for his courage.

As the WHT reported in August last year, Inspector Roy Stammers and his team of officers raced to rescue a man who was dangling over the edge of the Galleria car park in Hatfield.

The man, who weighed 13 stone, let go just as his wrist was grabbed by Pc Dave Burstow.

He held on to the falling man, while the team of two other Pcs, a special constable and his sergeant managed to haul the man back over the barrier to safety.

Their bravery has been recognised by the Royal Humane Society and all were awarded honours.

Insp Stammers gained a testimonial on parchment, while Pcs Burstow, Gemma Kenealy, and Emily Martin, Sc Laurence Harwood and Sgt James Lant are to receive certificates of commendation.

Speaking to the WHT about winning the prestigious honour, Insp Stammers said he was surprised to be recognised in this way.

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He said: “It was my first day working with that team, but we bonded.

“I was extremely proud of all of the officers involved.”

The team will receive their awards at a ceremony later in the year.

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