Henry Cobbold’s new firm

EVER thought of ‘starring’ on your own website?

Well, Henry Lytton Cobbold’s new venture will give you the chance.

Vopres co-founder, Henry Cobbold, has been welcoming visitors to his popular stately home, Knebworth House, for many years.

So it was a natural extension for him to welcome visitors to the Knebworth House website.

The next step was for him and brother, Peter, to launch Vopres, a new online video presenting company; with the aim of helping other businesses attract customers to their sites.

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Video online presenters are considered by many to be the future of the web.

Now that 90 per cent of the UK can access broadband internet, a website can move from being a colour brochure with text and images, to a multimedia TV channel.

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Vopres is a new, smart and cost effective way to achieve this goal.

It can add an online professional presenter to deliver a personal message on a website for as little as �295.

The presenter will act as a welcoming face and personal guide to the site, helping increase sales and reduce technical support costs by explaining processes.

Managing director, Peter Cobbold, said: “There is no reason now why companies with smaller budgets can’t produce their own info-commercials for their websites and for marketing on YouTube.

“At Vopres we have set up a system where you send us your script, choose one of our online presenters, and within a couple of days we email you your video and take you through the process of uploading it, all for just �295.”

There is no need to redesign web pages.

The online presenter can be added as an overlay, embedded or encapsulated within the site.

The introduction of a Spanish, French, Italian and other foreign language Vopres to an English website enables the market to be opened up to a massive new audience without incurring the expense of constructing a new site.

Creative director, Henry Cobbold, said: “Ever thought of starring on your own website?

“Yours could be the welcoming face, greeting your visitors, explaining your products and services, guiding clients around your web pages.

“This new online video technology gives you that opportunity.

“Some company owners do like to present their own service. Others prefer to choose the perfect face that represents their product.

“Vopres offers the very best in presenting talent. We may not be able to get Robbie Williams back to Knebworth to present your website, but one of our team of skilled presenters will be exactly what you are looking for.

“It is generally accepted that you only have about three seconds to hold your customer’s attention when they enter your site.

“This tiny file will help to make a big impression. We want to help smaller companies be among the first to embrace this technology.

“It looks good on the Knebworth site and I believe it will be successful wherever it is used.”

For more information on Vopres – ‘the international home of web presenters’ – go to www.vopres.co.uk

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