Heated reaction over House of Commons incinerator debate which ignored Hatfield

A DEBATE in the House of Commons on incinerators in Hertfordshire exhaustively outlined reasons why a site in Radlett was unsuitable, with no mention of Hatfield’s New Barnfield.

The adjournment debate featured speeches by Hertsmere MP James Clappison and St Albans MP Anne Main, who both attacked potential plans to build a massive waste burner at Harper Lane, Radlett.

But no mention of New Barnfield’s unsuitability for an incinerator was made.

New Barnfield is the only other potential site for the incinerator.

Angry anti-incinerator campaigner Paul Zukowskyj said: “The debate was entirely related to Harper Lane, no discussion of the detrimental impacts of siting the incinerator at New Barnfield were brought out.

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“Indeed, you could say there was a slanted dig at Grant [Shapps] and that the two neighbouring MPs seemed completely in favour of siting this plant at New Barnfield.

“Despite the debate being entitled ‘Incinerators (Hertfordshire)’ no one spoke about the unsuitability of New Barnfield at all.”

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He added: “To say I’m a little annoyed is putting it mildly.”

In the debate Mr Clappison said: “To a layman, the process being followed in Hertfordshire, which has led to the selection of Harper Lane as a possible site, seems somewhat odd, if not bizarre.”

He added: “The plan considerably affects my constituents, particularly those in the community of Radlett.”

And Mrs Main said: “My poor old constituency is in the same corner of the county that only recently was under threat from a rail freight interchange.

“One of the arguments against that was the fact that lorries access the Harper Lane site, the very part of the county that the county council said at the time was particularly heavily congested and unsuitable for having more traffic.

“That was a really strong argument.”

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