Heartless thieves steal baby pictures in Hatfield

HEARTLESS thieves raided a Hatfield home taking valuables including the family car, a 40in television and two laptops.

However, the items were of little importance compared to the theft of the very first images of Mary Newson’s and Kenneth Brunton’s newborn baby, which were captured on two mobile phones and a camcorder.

Mary had just returned home from the QE2 Hospital with her first-born Arthur Brunton-Newson, now four weeks old, when the callous raiders struck.

The 39-year-old said: “I don’t care if I don’t get anything else back, we just want the memory cards.

“They have the only pictures we took of Arthur and obviously these are very special to us.

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“The camcorder also has very private videos of me breastfeeding and I don’t want that getting into the wrong hands.”

The Ferns woman told the WHT how the burglars entered the house late at night, while the family were asleep, through an open downstairs window.

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They even knocked down newborn baby cards which sat on her side, she said.

“Stupidly I left a downstairs window open before I went to bed; I must not have been thinking at the time, I’ve been very tired and you just don’t expect that to happen.

“They got through there and even knocked down newborn baby cards when they got in, so they could see that we had just had a baby,” she added.

“But it could have been worse.

“They didn’t come upstairs, our car was found just down the road and for some reason they also left our Nintendo Wii, despite taking a game.”

A police spokeswoman said the thieves took both BlackBerry and Nokia mobile phones, as well as two Toshiba laptops, a Toshiba television, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a royal blue JVC camcorder, between 10pm on Thursday, July 8 and 5.45am the next morning.

The force is still on the hunt for the bandits, who left out the front door and abandoned the silver Renault Megane, on Briars Lane.

If you have any information call 0845 33 00 222.

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