Coronavirus cases continue to fall in Welwyn Hatfield but remain above average levels

A large scale Covid-19 vaccination centre has been launched by the NHS at the East of England Showgr

More than 13 million people have received there first COVID-19 vaccination in England - Credit: PA

Coronavirus cases have been falling in Welwyn Hatfield since the start of the year, but the number of cases remain relatively higher than the average area in England.

There were 159 cases per 100,000 people in the latest week, February 7 to 13, while the average area in England had 121.

There were 196 cases reported in the same week - 104 fewer than the previous week.

In total up to February 17 there have been 7,745 cases in Welwyn Hatfield and 238 coronavirus-related deaths registered to Feb 5.

Hertsmere's figures have also followed the same trend but at a slightly lower level with 112 cases per 100,000 for February 7 to 13.

The area had less than half the number of cases than the previous week with 118, a reduction of 123.

Hertsmere's total number of cases is still above Welwyn Hatfield's at 7,897 and there have been 307 coronavirus-related deaths.

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So far 13,395,338 people in England have had the first dose of the vaccine to February 16.