New Welwyn Hatfield Facebook group encourages gardeners to swap their plants

Why not join the Welwyn/Hatfield Plant Swap group on Facebook?

Why not join the Welwyn/Hatfield Plant Swap group on Facebook? - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With spring finally upon us, why not do your bit to get our garden city blooming and help out your neighbours in return?

A new local Facebook group aims to encourage residents to share and swap their garden plants, whether it be seeds, seedlings, cuttings, pots and tubs, or the fruits of their labour, to encourage sustainability and prevent reliance on big corporations.

It also wants to see people becoming more active and improve their general health and wellbeing.

Sarah Jakes, founder of Welwyn/Hatfield Plant Swap, explained: "If you've made a start on your seed sowing, or already have seedlings and you have too many I'm sure there's someone in our group who would love to take some off your hands, then in turn, if there's something you want, just ask, you never know, you might just get lucky.

"It's so much better to share out all our overspill or over-estimated grows rather than just chuck them!

"We took some cuttings from my lavender last year and I'm pleased to say they've taken really well, so I know we will be doing quite a few lavender cuttings for starters.

"We sowed tomato seeds and lots of other stuff with my granddaughter last year and she loved it, especially the reaping the rewards bit at the end.

Sarah Jakes' granddaughter helping in her garden.

Sarah Jakes' granddaughter helping in her garden. - Credit: Sarah Jakes

"So if anyone really wants to get hold of a plant you love or can't get hold of, or had no success with growing, for this year's garden, maybe you can just ask on our group and you never know your luck.

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"Why give money to the big shops when we can do it all between ourselves for free? Bring back the good ol' days and love thy neighbour!"

Members of the group have been very active over the past few months, with highlights including replacing plants lost at a Hatfield care home during the winter storms, sharing tips and advice on best practice, and showing off their swap successes as they start to grow.