Booster vaccine take up in Welwyn Hatfield lowest in Hertfordshire

A Freedom of Information request has revealed hundreds of Hertfordshire health staff have declined t

35,358 people in Welwyn Hatfield have had their third COVID-19 vaccine. - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The number of adults who have had their third coronavirus vaccine, or 'booster jab', was lowest in Welwyn Hatfield out of the whole of Hertfordshire.

Data from the UK Health Security Agency revealed that by December 11, 36 per cent of Welwyn Hatfield's 18+ population had had their third jab, with 62, 599 people left to get their booster vaccine. 

However, 53 per cent of adults in Hertsmere and 51 per cent in St Albans have had their 3rd jab. 

In Stevenage and Broxbourne, 42 per cent of the adult population have received a booster. 46 per cent of adults in East Herts and 48 per cent in North Herts have also had their third COVID vaccine.

It comes as the Prime Minister announced on Sunday his “Omicron emergency booster national mission” to protect the NHS by ramping up vaccinations and rolling out 1m boosters a day.