Health specialist claims New Barnfield incinerator could ‘shorten life expectancy’

Margaret Eames

Margaret Eames - Credit: Archant

Life expectancy could be six years shorter for Hatfield residents living near the New Barnfield incinerator the inquiry heard this week.

“Vulnerable” and “poorer” people living in Millwards, near the proposed energy from waste facility, who suffer from asthma and cardiovascular disease could have their life expectancy shortened by up to six years, it was claimed.

And for healthy people it could also take up to six months off of their lives.

The claims were made yesterday by Margaret Eames, a public health specialist, who spoke about air quality and the health impacts of the incinerator at the public inquiry.

She said: “Prof V. Howard has estimated the loss of life expectancy for those already with asthma or coronary heart disease in this population, to be six years.”

She also added that there would be a significant risk for children at Southfield School, pregnant women and their unborn babies.

“The RERF (incinerator) will have a significant, negative impact on the health and life of residents of the Millwards estate, Travellers Lane and the roads around Southdown Road,” she said.

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“It, and the lorry traffic anticipated to access it, carry a considerable health hazard for accidents, noise and air quality both for Southfield School children, and the vulnerable adults and children living on the estate and for pregnant women and their unborn babies.”

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