Hatfield and St Albans resident breaks down barriers with Mencap Myth Busters

Freddie Latham

Freddie Latham, a Hatfield resident is one of the 18 ambassadors from the learning disability community, to join the inspirational group. - Credit: India Whiley-Morton/Mencap

A joint resident of Hatfield and St Albans is challenging wider stigmas and misconceptions about life with a learning disability.

Freddie Latham, who lives in supported living accommodation in Hatfield during the weekand at the family home in St Albans for weekends, has become one of 18 inspiring Mencap Myth Busters.

Mencap is a learning disability charity that offers help and a voice to those that need it, including their families and carers.

Marathon runner Freddie, who has twice competed in the London event, says his disabilities does not stop him from living his best life. He volunteers on a farm and likes to walk the dog with his family, or go for a run. Freddie completed his second marathon last year with his dad.  

Freddie has a cheeky personality, a wicked sense of humour and especially likes to make fun of his dad whom he likes to affectionately call Grumpy Nick.  

He explained: “People with a learning disability can teach the world about living life to the fullest. I had a great time at the Mencap Myth Busters photoshoot and met some amazing people. I think the video is amazing and I’m very proud to be part of it.

"I think we are all inspirational and I want to make people aware that having a learning disability doesn't mean we can't achieve great things."

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Other ambassadors include Ellie Goldstein, a model and the face of Gucci and Glamour Magazine’s ‘Gamechanging Model of the Year’; Harvey Price, a student, artist and the first-born son of media personality, Katie Price; and Jessica Jane Applegate, a Paralympic swimmer with a collection of gold medals, among many other well-known faces. 

Mencap and the Myth Busters want showcase of a wide variety of people with learning disabilities doing things beyond the imaginable, providing platform to show what life is like to live with a disability.

Mencap chief executive Edel Harris said: “Each and every one of these Myth Busters are amazing and I can’t thank them enough for joining the Mencap family. To have this diverse group of unique, talented, interesting, energetic, and fun people on board to help us shatter misconceptions, reduce stigma and campaign for societal change and greater inclusion of people with a learning disability is a real pleasure and privilege.

“We want the UK to be the best place in the world for people with a learning disability to live happy and healthy lives and I’m delighted the Myth Busters are helping us to make this a reality.”