Mum-of-four loses six stone in just over a year after being unable to play with her youngest child

Before and after picture weight loss

A before and after of Amy. - Credit: Amy Jefferies

A Hatfield mum-of-four, Amy Jefferies, was fed up with feeling like she couldn't be the mum she wanted to be after tipping the scales at the top end of 18 stone.

Mum and daughter

Amy wasn't happy she couldn't play with her youngest child on the floor when she weighed 18 stone. - Credit: Amy Jefferies

Amy said: "I was unhappy and overweight, I was in pain daily and what hurt the most was I couldn't play on the floor with my youngest child.

"During my last pregnancy, my weight rocketed, and it wasn't until I saw a picture of myself that I knew I needed to change."

Amy had a friend who was doing Slimming World and lent her a few books which she began cooking from, within a few weeks Amy had lost a stone, but she found the process hard on her own.

She said: "It was at this point I realised I needed some help, following a leaflet coming through the door, I decided to join my local group in Hatfield with Kirsty Forbes.

Woman standing

Amy before her weight loss journey began. - Credit: Amy Jefferies

"I was nervous and scared to walk through the doors for the first time, but my consultant put me at ease, and I sat down to my new member talk I remember sitting there thinking - wow you can eat so much free filling food! The others in the group were so supportive and I have made some amazing lifelong friends.

"I was loving the food - I was still having all my favourites like curries, and burger and chips, just done the Slimming World way, and at we had a new family favourite - Diet Coke Chicken.

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"Before I was reaching for the biscuit packet, but now I enjoy filling meals and if needed I can still enjoy my favourite snacks."

Amy now exercises daily something she could have never managed before, and is now happy and confident and loves being able to play with the children without being in pain.

Three people on red carpet

Amy after her impressive weight loss. - Credit: Amy Jefferies

She added: "The children even come on walks and runs with me and so it has changed everyone, and we all enjoy eating as family.

"In total I have lost a massive 6 stone and I did that within a 14-month period, and I have gone from a size 24 to a 12."

Amy felt so passionate about helping others regain their life and shed the misery of being overweight that she has become a consultant herself. She runs two groups in Hatfield on a Monday and Wednesday evening virtually due to current restrictions.

For more contact Amy on 07702 911160 or go to