Funds awarded to make vital defibrillators more available across Herts

Herts County Council is giving its councillors the chance to fund a defibrillator for their community 

Herts county councillors now have the chance to help a community group in their division claim vital funds to install defibrillator for the community - Credit: HCC

Life-saving defibrillators will soon be more widely available across our county, thanks to a charity partnership with Herts County Council.

Fundraising for the equipment - which is designed to help a person suffering from cardiac arrest - has soared in recent months, following Danish footballer Christian Eriksen’s collapse in the Euro 2020 opening match, which booted the device's importance into the spotlight.

HCC's collaboration with London Hearts allows each of the 78 county councillors to help one community group in their division to claim up to £1,200 to purchase the vital equipment.

Through delivering a high energy electric shock to the heart in a timely fashion with a defibrillator, the survival rate of cardiac arrest sufferers can be raised to 70 percent, research shows.

Cllr Morris Bright, executive member for public health and community safety, said: “We are delighted to be working with London Hearts to make this vital equipment available to communities across Hertfordshire.

“Having a defibrillator available in an emergency can be life-saving, especially in rural areas where it may take emergency services longer to reach.”

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