No jab, no job COVID-19 policy rolled out at care homes

Knebworth Care Home. Picture: Fraser Parry.

Knebworth Care Home. Picture: Fraser Parry. - Credit: Fraser Parry

Care homes across the UK, including in Knebworth, have rolled out what is being dubbed as a no jab, no job policy. 

Operators of Knebworth Care Home, Care UK, have chosen to ask new recruits if they have had or would take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

A Care UK spokesperson said in a statement: “We hope all colleagues, present and future, will see the benefits vaccination can bring to themselves, their families and the people living and working in our homes.

"For new recruits, we now ask at both the application and interview stage whether they have had, or would be willing to have, the vaccination.

"This means, right from the outset, that they are fully aware of the need for new colleagues to be vaccinated as a requirement we make to keep residents in our homes safe. So far this has not proved a barrier for those keen to build a career with us. This approach is becoming increasingly common across the care home sector.

"For existing employees, we’ve found the vast majority of team members have been very keen to be vaccinated and have been coming in on their days off to do so.  

"GPs and vaccination teams have been fantastic in talking them through any concerns. We are also offering colleagues a comprehensive suite of information about the vaccines from reliable, unbiased sources so they have the facts to make an informed decision.

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"This has included video messages from respected senior nurses and other colleagues talking about why they’ve been vaccinated.  Some colleagues have not yet been able to be vaccinated but we are making progress on this every day.”

Barchester, which does not operate any care homes in North Herts or Welwyn Hatfield, has also gone with a similar approach. While Methodist Homes (MHA), who run homes in Letchworth and Hitchin, is encouraging workers to take the vaccine but will not require their staff to do so.