Have you seen the Welwyn Garden City slider?

A MYSTERIOUS elevator enthusiast has taken to riding the Howard Centre lifts in WGC and sliding down the shopping centre’s escalators.

The man, known only as MrUNIXman, posted videos of his elevator exploits on video makers’ website YouTube, including his bizarre antics at the Howard Centre.

The secretive slider clearly has his ups and downs, as he has posted several videos on the site of lifts he has visited.

In his description of the Howard Centre video, which was uploaded on September 7, he wrote: “I decided to go and visit some lifts in Welwyn Garden City’s Shopping Mall.

“After filming the 1st lift I decided to take a slide on the Esculator [sic].

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“Then visited another Kone lift in another area of the Shopping Mall.

“Sliding on this esculator [sic] is something I have done in the past.”

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In the video he rides the lift to the first floor then viewers can see his feet as he paces towards the escalator before a note appears saying: “This is me going to slide down the esculator [sic] but I had to wait for people to get off before attempting.”

He is then seen straddling the inside rails of the up and down stairways and sliding down with a jubilant “weee!” exclamation.

On his YouTube profile MrUNIXman writes: “I have a good interests in lifts or elevators, some may think is very strange.

“I believed this manifested since the young age of being taken into lifts and playing in them to the teens.”

Howard Centre manager Peter Brooks said: “It’s a highly dangerous thing to do because if you fall on the terrazzo floor you’ll probably end up in intensive care because it’s about 30ft off the ground.”

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