Hatfield veteran: 'I took the food out of the bin and took it out to him'

Karen Judge

Karen Judge


As the Veteran Breakfast Club meets this morning for its monthly gathering at the Harpsfield Hall a Women's Royal Navy chef shares her encounters of what happens when you're late to tea in the army.

Karen Judge 58, of Hatfield’s Stonecross joined the WRN in 1975 after training at the age of 17.

Karen told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “Being a chef you have to prepare food and get things ready on time. In our galley (Navy slang for kitchen) we had one chief who was always late.

“We always used to tell him to inform us if he was going to be late so we could keep a nice meal to one side for him.

“One day we had tidied everything up and binned all the left over food. He came in and asked if we had anything he could eat. I said, ‘I’m not sure I’ll go and have a look’.

“The only thing not in the bin was the gravy. I took the food out of the bin and took it out to him with the gravy on top.”

She added: “I was expecting him to say it was disgusting but he said it was lovely.”

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