Hatfield student’s fight over ‘too small’ condom

A WELL-ENDOWED university law student who complained the condoms he was sold were too SMALL for him has ended up with a criminal record after getting in a fight with the shopkeeper.

St Albans Crown Court heard 21-year-old law degree student Jude Ukachukwu confronted shopkeeper Sasisedaran Sellathurai, claiming two of the condoms he bought had split while making love to his girlfriend.

Ukachukwu remonstrated with the owner of Sella Supermarket in Parkhouse Court, Hatfield, on August 8 last year.

The University of Hertfordshire student asked for a refund but was told without a receipt or packaging he could not be reimbursed.

It was suggested to Ukachukwu he contact the manufacturers or Trading Standards to resolve the issue.

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Feeling his complaint was not being “taken seriously”, Ukachukwu picked up a pack of fizzy soft drinks of equivalent value to the condoms and went to leave the shop.

Mr Sellathurai intervened and a fight broke out. He was was punched in the face, causing a cut to the forehead which needed several stitches.

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The shopkeeper told police: “A black male came up to the till and asked for his money back on a packet of condoms.

“I asked to see the pack, but he said he had already used them and didn’t have a receipt.

“He said they were the wrong size to what he normally has.

“I told him to contact Trading Standards.

“He started shouting and saying he was a bad man and would kill me if I didn’t give him his money back.”

Ukachukwu, of Harpsfield Broadway, Comet Way, Hatfield, was found guilty of ABH after a trial.

Being sentenced on Friday, the court heard in mitigation Ukachukwu was “full of remorse”.

He is nearing the end of his studies and hoped to “progress in the legal profession”.

Imposing a community order of 150 hours’ unpaid work, district judge Peter Crabtree said Ukachukwu was “no doubt frustrated” thinking his complaint was not taken seriously enough, but there was no justification for violence.

The judge said: “The sentencing guidelines say the custody threshold has been passed.

“However, there was no premeditation with the assault and it is appropriate to give a community order.”

Mr Sellathurai was awarded �200 compensation and Ukachukwu, who has student debts of �15,000, was ordered to pay costs of �480.

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