Hatfield staff fear abusive customers

EMPLOYEES at a rental shop have told the Welwyn Hatfield Times how they fear working because of “constant abuse”.

Last month the staff at Blockbuster in Hatfield were forced to call the police after a man threatened to “break their legs”, after a dispute.

The workers, who did not wish to be named for fear of reprisals, said it happens on a regular basis.

One woman said: “A young boy came in here to exchange his dad’s old games, but we told him that because of the age limit that he could only do a few - the ones that were of his age.

“Everything was fine until his dad turned up about 50 minutes later swearing and getting angry.

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“It was the worst we’ve had yet, it was really scary, he was threatening to smash the store and at one point said he would break my legs. Someone hid in the store room and called the police and they took him away.”

Another added: “You fear coming to work here sometimes, we get quite a lot of abuse all the time.

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“I’m a student and I don’t really feel safe in Hatfield or while at work.”

A police spokeswoman said: “The incident happened at 3pm, on Wednesday March 31. We got called regarding a customer who was being aggressive.

“He was not arrested.”

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