Hatfield pub is flying the flag in World Cup

PUBS throughout the land will be gearing up for the World Cup with the big kick off in South Africa just one week away.

And one drinking establishment in Times Territory has made a special effort.

The Cavendish Arms, in Bishops Rise, Hatfield, has a flag display to rival any other with the colours of all 32 participating countries flying high above the pub garden, as well as a heavily decorated frontage.

Landlord Michael Moore, who has owned the pub for the past four years, said: “Not many pubs that are serving at the moment are making much of an effort so we thought we’d do this to support the World Cup.”

Putting so many flags up has proved quite a challenge, especially with the wind to contend with.

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To stop the elements ruining the impressive display, the landlord has resorted to hanging weights from each flag to keep them straight.

Michael added: “We’ve had a few locals come and help to put them up as one man can’t do it on his own!”

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