Hatfield family devastated after pet bunnies vanish

TWO baby rabbits have vanished from their home, leaving a family devastated.

It was on the evening of Saturday, October 16, that Beverley Lewis last saw her eight-week old bunnies Poppy and Poppett bounding around in the back garden.

When she went to check on them on Sunday morning, the bob-tailed two had gone, leaving her with just three rabbits instead of five.

The loss has left Beverley’s two daughters Krista, 11 and Carla, 16, completely shocked.

But Beverley is convinced Poppy and Poppett have not been snatched by a hungry fox or bird – and is appealing to residents for information on their whereabouts.

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“It’s baffling more than anything,” said Beverley, from Maryland, Hatfield.

“There’s no fur and no sign of a struggle, and a fox wouldn’t take the two stronger babies and leave the weaker two.

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“There’s no way they could have got out on their own – and anyway if they had, the other rabbits would have followed.”

“We’ve done a search but nobody’s seen them.

“We would just like the babies back together – if anyone knows where they are.”

Call Beverley on 01707 890106 if you have any information.

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