Hatfield couple’s pet-killer dogs condemned to death

TWO dangerous dogs who killed a string of family pets will be destroyed, despite an emotional appeal from their owners in court.

A tearful Frank Scully struggled to speak as he took to the stand in front of Judge Colin Colston who was hearing his, and wife Michelle’s, appeals against conviction and sentence.

The Hatfield couple was found guilty at Central Herts Magistrates’ Court in September of not keeping a dog under proper control.

Their nine-year-old Staffordshire cross Bones and eight-month-old puppy Freddie had prowled the streets of Hatfield, breaking into back gardens and had ripped apart two cats, two chickens, two rabbits and a guinea pig.

Frank, 54, of Foxhollows, told St Albans Crown Court he would agree to any order, but pleaded for his beloved pet to be spared.

Judge Colston dismissed last week’s appeals and ordered further court costs of �200.

Bones will now be destroyed. Freddie’s whereabouts are unknown.

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