Hatfield boxer’s knockout is YouTube hit

A HATFIELD boxer put his cocky opponent in his place by knocking him out in the first round – and became an internet sensation.

Ashley Sexton, a 23-year-old flyweight who used to live in Parkhouse Court, first floored Usman "Uzzy" Ahmed in under two minutes of the first round of their English title bout just over a year ago.


But this week, a video replaying Ashley's emphatic victory was posted on media-sharing website YouTube - and has already had more than two million views.


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Entitled "Biggest Boxing Tragedy Ever" the three-and-a-half minute clip shows Ahmed's dyrating, dancing and smiling smugly at the camera as he enters the ring, wearing a huge diamond necklace bearing the legend "Uzzy".


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Even once in the ring, the cocky fighter carries on gyrating and bopping to the beat, before the clip switches to his encounter with Ashley in January 2010, with Ahmed seemingly blowing kisses at his Hatfield rival in an attempt to intimidate him.


It clearly doesn't work, for soon after the first bell, Uzzy is kissing canvas. A devastating right hook from Sexton lands flush on the side of Ahmed's head, instantly knocking him unconscious, his stricken body falling limply between the ropes.


The video has been featured on news websites across the world - and suddenly thrust Ashley back into the limelight.


"I have been out of action since May, been out of the spotlight, and now this has thrust me straight back into it," said Ashley, who now lives and trains in Cheshunt.


"I have had every bad thing happen to me recently; being over the weight, contract disputes, injuries; and now I am right back in there.


"My phone has literally not stopped ringing. It's crazy to be honest, and hopefully I can earn a bit of money out of it."





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