There are four candidates in Haldens – read below to find out who they are and what they stand for.

This seat is currently held by the Conservative Party.

Green – Berenice Dowlen, of Brockswood Lane, WGC

I have lived in Welwyn Garden for over 40 years.

During this time I have been an artist, teacher and complementary therapist, and have been actively involved in many local issues and activities.

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If elected as a councillor I will promote effective energy saving changes such as the increased installation of solar panels on local buildings and natural recycling. I would be involved in the preservation of the nature reserve areas in and around the town, would seek to promote leisure facilities rather than unnecessary retail outlets and actively support the development of vibrant local communities within the town.

Conservative - Howard Hughes*, of Canons Field, Welwyn

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My pledges for Haldens:

? You can phone me with any problems, no matter how small, and I will do my best to get them resolved

? I will improve the environment in Haldens

? I will act on your behalf on any problems you have with the Council

Labour – Mike Larkins, of Westfield, WGC

I have lived in the Haldens Ward since 1981. I was elected to the council in 1983 and represented the people of Haldens Ward for the next 24 years.

The cuts imposed by the Tory/Lib Government and actively followed to the letter by this Tory council are adversely affecting the least well off in this ward and across the borough.

Such as the closure of the kitchen at Douglas Tilbe House which I helped set up.

If elected I will do everything I can to convince this Tory Council to soften the drastic cuts they are proposing to introduce.

Liberal Democrat – Shirley Shaw, of Brockett Close, WGC

Having lived in WGC all her life, Shirley Shaw certainly has the interests of our very special town at heart.

She is saddened by an apparent lack of concern about preserving the characteristics of the Garden City.

As a retired teacher – she taught at Sir Frederic Osborn School and later at Stanborough – she is concerned about young people and the facilities available to them.

*sitting councillor

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