Greenpeace wants you to send green hearts instead of red this Valentine's Day

WGC field

A field behind Commonswood Nature Reserve in Welwyn Garden City - Credit: Rowena Grace

Welwyn Garden City Greenpeace is trying to help tackle climate change online, by encouraging people to take part in the #showthelove campaign.

Since the start of the pandemic Welwyn Garden City Greenpeace, like everyone else, has found itself inside and in lockdown.

But this hasn’t stopped the environmental group and other campaigners from continuing their activities.

The Show The Love campaign is an annual celebration of the environmental world and natural beauty of the UK that runs from February 1 to 21.

The campaign focuses on creating green hearts and sticking them in your window or sharing them online over Valentine's Day weekend to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

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WGC Greenpeace members are also posting one picture a day of something in nature they love with each picture being of something that begins with a different letter from the alphabet (February 1 - 'A', February 2 - 'B', and so on).

Local group coordinator Al Hockley explained that the campaign was in order to "celebrate the things we love and want to save from climate change".

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While it’s difficult for people to get out on to the streets and participate in action against climate change, the group believes the campaign allows people to share their voice online and stand up for the environment.

Al Hockley said: "We’d like to encourage the whole community to get involved, so we’re asking them to join the conservation effort on social media."

The Show The Love campaign is part of the Climate Coalition’s (CC), made up of various environmental groups, efforts to raise awareness about climate change and its effects on our environment.

Greenpeace and many other groups and individuals have banded together to join the CC in its efforts to protect the environment with a unified and shared voice.

People can find resources and information and inspiration on their website at

Anyone can get involved by simply taking creating a green heart and sticking it in their window or by posting a picture of a part of nature that they love to WGC Greenpeace's Facebook group:

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