Grant Shapps denounces Insulate Britain protesters as 'dangerous and counterproductive'

Grant Shapps Insulate Britain

Grant Shapps is not a fan of Insulate Britain's protests - Credit: PA/supplied

Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps has publicly condemned the campaigners behind this week's motorway blockades.

Protest group Insulate Britain have caused major disruptions this week after blocking traffic at various junctions of the M25.

In one instance 18 members of the group were arrested in South Mimms for protesting by junction 1 of the A1M (southbound) and junction 23 of the M25.

The Transport Secretary tweeted: "This is dangerous and counterproductive. We all agree that climate change must be tackled, but this sort of behaviour achieves nothing, puts drivers at risk and INCREASES pollution. I expect the police to take swift action to clear the roads."

Insulate Britain want the government to provide insulation of all social housing and retrofit all houses to make them more environmentally friendly.

However their methods have involved sitting across roads and preventing  traffic from moving past them, until they are eventually arrested or moved on by police.