‘Ghost’ in photo sparks supernatural mystery

The picture of the mysterious ghostly figure

The picture of the mysterious ghostly figure - Credit: Archant

A spooky photo caught on a phone has plunged a Welwyn Garden City woman into a supernatural mystery.

Vicky Mills, 62, of Verulam Close, was lying on her sofa when her grandson took a picture of her on his phone last Friday.

It was only when then looked at it that they noticed the figure.

Standing in the doorway to the front room is the figure of what appears to be a woman.

Vicky said: “It’s so clear, down to the hand on the arm of the sofa.

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“I know you can get apps to create these effects but the phone had nothing like that on it.”

The picture on it’s own would be enough to peak a person’s interest.

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However there is more to the tale.

Vicky’s grandson, Lewis McGlynn, died in 2011, aged eight and the night prior to the picture being taken, Vicky had what she describes as a dream.

She said: “I felt someone standing over me when I heard someone say ‘Hello Nan’. I thought I’d imagined it.

“But as I opened my eyes I saw something. When I opened them fully, it was gone.

“The figure [in the photo] is identical to what I saw.

“I don’t believe in ghosts but I’ve been to his grave to tell him to stop bothering me.”

Vicky is now looking to find someone who can confirm the picture has not been tampered with and to provide a scientific explanation.

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