Up-and-coming Welwyn Garden City film director set to release spy thriller

White Crow

George Threadgold (right) with Andrew Rolfe on the set of White Crow. - Credit: George Threadgold

An up-and-coming director from Welwyn Garden City is set to release a spy thriller next year after wrapping filming last month. 

George Threadgold wrote and directed White Crow, a 90-minute film following the exploits of ex-covert operative JD. 

“Think Jason Bourne meets the Winter Solider,” explained George. 

“Wounded and alone after a bust mission, JD finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse against the clandestine organisation he used to work for, White Crow.”

White Crow

Julian Gamm plays ex-covert operative JD. - Credit: George Threadgold

Filmed in WGC, London and Aylesbury over three weeks in September, the film features Julian Gamm as JD, with Hannah Al Rashid, Carl Wharton, Noa Bodner, Andrew Rolfe also starring. 

Adapted following the success of an award-winning web-series of the same name, White Crow is produced by Silent D Pictures and New Earth Productions and is set for a 2022 release. 

The three-episode series was released on YouTube and Vimeo back in 2019, before being entered into a number of web festivals such as the New York Film Awards, Festigeous LA Film Festival and the Vesuvius Film Festival in Italy, picking up five awards including best web-series, best director and best editing.

White Crow

Filming for White Crow took place in London, Welwyn Garden City and Aylesbury during September. - Credit: George Threadgold


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“This was a very ambitious project,” said George. 

“We were punching well above our weight with the stunts and set pieces on White Crow.  

“We were trying to bring a fresh and international spy thriller to life and we managed to pull it off and it looks fantastic. 

“The whole cast and crew through passion for the project worked really hard to give this film a unique feel. You get a lot of indie gangster and horror films but you don't get many spy thrillers.” 

Julian Gamm appeared as JD in the mini-series and he reprised the role for the White Crow film, much to his delight.

White Crow

Andrew Rolfe plays Charles Mason in White Crow. - Credit: George Threadgold

“Playing JD was real honour, bringing him to life from the page, to a web-series and then to a feature was a fantastic experience and a massive learning curve,” he said.  

“It was amazing to have the chance to reshoot and tweak things from the web-series, but this time with the scale of a feature film.  

“Filming in a bigger format provided its own challenges but we still managed to overcome them and plough through to complete the film in a short amount of time.”