Gangs leave Welwyn Garden City shopping parade

GANGS of youths that loitered at a parade of shops have all but disappeared, according to workers.

Walking through the Woodhall Parade, on Cole Green Lane, in WGC, has often been quite an intimidating experience for residents and shoppers, with large groups of youngsters hanging around outside.

Workers and store owners have also made reference to trouble and a loss of trade in the past.

But it has now improved, thanks to what many believe is extra policing.

Carol Blackman, who works in takeaway A.Burridge fisheries, said: “It’s much quieter than before.

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“There’s been a lot of community officers [PCSOs] recently and I think they helped move them on.

“Business has improved slightly as well, I don’t think people wanted to come here at times because of the number of kids outside, especially elderly people.”

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Nikki Isaacs at Vintage Rockz hairdressers agreed.

“I think it’s calmed down a lot, when I used to walk to the cashpoint it was quite scary at times if there was enough of them, but lately it’s been ok.

“Whenever I’ve been around the other end of the parade it’s been very quiet.”

Nick Evans, who works for Little Orchard Nurseries, said: “There’s no trouble at all now. We never had any problems here anyway, but one shop, which has changed owners used to.

“I don’t know where they have all been moved to.”

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